“When we moved from London to Vietnam, Dr. Yap Tiong Peng and his practice, came highly recommended as one of the few specialists in the region who offered the type of vision therapy required by our 7-year-old son, Leonardo. We travelled especially to Singapore 3 times over the course of 6 months, and it was absolutely worth it. Between the intensive vision therapy sessions that he did at the practice and the regular home-based sessions that Leo did at home, his convergence and focussing difficulties were addressed and significantly improved. By the third visit, even I could see how his eyes were able to maintain concurrent close-range focus, whereas before one eye would quiver, lose alignment, wander off , evidently causing not only discomfort but also blurring his vision.Dr. Yap was very precise in explaining the vision problems that Leo had been experiencing and this helped me understand the reading, writing and learning difficulties that Leo had been experiencing at school. It has been such a joy witnessing Leo gain greater confidence and seeing his struggles diminish. He now asks if he can go and read his books! Seeing the progress he has already made, with the maintenance therapy he has to do now, I am confident he will go from strength to strength.Many thanks to Dr. Yap and his team for their invaluable, expert helpBest wishes,Saskia Terzani Fitzwilliam”

- Saskia Terzani Fitzwilliam

"When Ethan started Vision Therapy, it was our last resort before eye surgery, I chose not to have surgery since Ethan’s problem was his brain working incorrectly with his eyes. After 6 months of therapy, I’ve noticed improvement in his eye control and his teachers said that his reading has improved. Dr Yap has been amazing and Ethan enjoyed working with Valeria, Rahjee and Mavis."

- Samantha T.

"Audrey’s headaches have gone and she is now able to focus better at school. Her eyeglasses and visual therapy helped her a lot. I wish to thank you and your colleagues in treating her eye problems."

- C. H.

"Before the exercise, Stefan sees double vision very often. Now, he sometimes still see double vision only when his eyes are tired. He also feels less headache now."

- Edison E.

"For many years, I have been told by many doctors that my son’s lazy eye cannot be treated because he is more than 8 years old. But after 7-8 months of therapy, his eyes have stopped turning away when he looks at e and he can focus very well with his school work. Thank you!"

- Arun


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    Chris P.

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