Cataract surgery is today the most common surgery worldwide. With the aging population in Singapore, there is a higher incidence of age-related cataracts today.

In the early stages of cataract, the natural lens in the eye begin to lose its clarity and function. This can be observed through a Standard Eye Examination and it may also result in fluctuation in the spectacles prescription.

IGARD takes care of patients with early signs of cataract and provides recommendation and regular monitoring to those with moderate degree of cataract. Vision may be improved initially with prescription spectacles, but those with moderate to dense cataracts will benefit in getting surgery. This allow the cataract to be removed and an artificial intra-ocular lens to be implanted by the eye surgeon (ophthalmologist).

IGARD is not an ophthalmology clinic. However, post-surgical vision care is provided routinely through the management of presbyopia and refractive errors and the assessment of visual health.

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