A functional assessment of vision evaluates the eyes in relation to the child. It examines how each individual child/adult uses their eyes and how that may have an impact on their visual perception and their activities of daily living (e.g. reading).

The tests are strongly relevant to children with learning challenges, behavioural issues, special-needs and non-verbal patients, but it is also recommended for anyone with one or more of the following symptoms:

1. Eyes are often tired
2. Jerky eye movements
3. Squinting, eye-rubbing or excessive blinking
4. Blurred or double vision
5. Headaches, dizziness or nausea after reading
6. Head-tilting, prefer to close or block one eye when reading
7. Words appearing to move or shake
8. Hold a book very close
9. Tilting, turning the head or poor posture
10. Skip or reverse words or use fingers while reading
11. Burning or itchy eyes
12. Poor attention span

A range of tests are used to ascertain the functional vision of each patient. A large proportion of the test involves the evaluation of the child’s binocular vision and visual alignment, eye focusing and visual tracking skills. The test concerns the testing of how the child uses their eyes (i.e. visual skills) and how they perceive the visual information. This is sometimes known as a neuro-developmental vision evaluation.

Remediation of these issues may involve vision therapy, spectacles, contact lenses and home-based maintenance and rehabilitation. It may also involve working closely with medical doctors and other professionals in allied health to provide intervention to the patient.

Parents and/or caregivers are strongly encouraged to sit in during the evaluation.
Please feel free to take notes and ask any questions you may have during or after the evaluation.
A detailed report will be provided to parents or caregiver following the evaluation.

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