It is estimated that nearly 30% of stroke survivors in Singapore suffer from visual impairment. The most common post-stroke vision problem is hemianopia, but there can also be hemispatial inattention (neglect), double vision (diplopia), headaches, nystagmus and impaired eye movements. Many of them tend to have reading difficulties, poor visual search and inability to detect obstacles. While vision issues tend to be less noticeable compared to impairment of motor function and speech, it can impact the person profoundly, such as difficulties in moving around (or navigating or orientating) and can substantially reduce the quality-of-life. These issues can make it difficult for the patient to focus on specific things and can impact tasks such as reading, walking and performing everyday activities.

Eye Exam: The eye examination for post-stroke patients needs to be targeted towards the functional vision so that neuro visual rehabilitation services can be offered. This is also known as Functional Vision Evaluation (or Neuro Visual Evaluation). It is recommended for stroke patients to attend the eye examination when their condition is stable and/or after they are discharged from the hospital. Please contact IGARD (Singapore) +65 67323233 or email for an appointment. If the stroke patient is still in acute hospital, please contact the hospital directly regarding inpatient services because IGARD (Singapore) is currently only able to provide outpatient services. If there are any specific or special requests, please contact Dr Yap Tiong Peng

Treatment: Neuro visual rehabilitation or vision therapy can involve prism spectacles, coloured filters, eye exercises and occlusion. The key goal of neuro visual rehabilitation is to remediate the visual deficits and to optimise the impaired visual functions after stroke. This is akin to relearning the visual skills that are suddenly lost when part of the brain is damaged. Neuroplasticity helps to improve the visual functions by rewiring the brain circuits and this can be achieved through neuro visual rehabilitation or vision therapy. IGARD (Singapore) provides neuro visual rehabilitation and vision therapy services strictly by appointment only.