Babies, Toddlers & Preschooler’s Eye Check

  • Age 12 months to 4 years old
  • Yearly Eye Check for Kids
  • Non-Invasive Tests
  • Binocular Results
  • Fast Photorefractive Test
  • No Need for Eye Drops
  • Eligible for CDA deductions

IGARD offers Pediavue Baby Eye Screening which tests for ALL FIVE COMMON EYE & VISION PROBLEMS


Vision Development in your baby’s first year

At birth

  • are attracted to faces
  • may avoid bright lights by closing eyes
  • eyes may sometimes appear to wander or be turned

At 1 month

  • start to fix on parent’s face whilst feeding
  • intermittent turn in eyes
  • follow large moving objects for a few seconds and begin to show interest in toys

At 2 months

  • more interested in toys and objects
  • follow a person with their eyes
  • recognise parent’s face and can tell it from other faces

At 4 months

  • can focus on toys held close to them
  • eyes should be straight and move together in all directions
  • interested in smaller more detailed toys
  • reaches for toys, grasps firmly and regards closely

At 6 months

  • become more skilled in using their eyes to locate and reach objects of interest
  • follow objects with head and eyes in all directions
  • visually alert and curious about their surroundings
  • follows an adult’s movement across the room

At 12 months

  • recognise familiar people from at least six metres (20 feet) away
  • binocular vision (the ability to use the eyes together) established at 9 months

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