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Our staff has taken the steps to prepare you for the first appointment by providing a full spectrum of the services we offer and the option to complete our new patient form prior to your visit. Our goal is to cover everything you need with a full and efficient assessment, but without waiting to see the doctor.

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Specialist in Vision Rehabilitation and Therapy

Vision Therapy can be used to treat a variety of visual deficits. This may include issues in binocularity, eye focusing, and eye movement (visual tracking or oculomotor skills). The most common conditions that benefits from vision therapy are convergence insufficiency, strabismus and amblyopia.

Therapy sessions are planned based on individualized needs. It may encompass concepts of behavioural optometry and traditional orthoptic eye exercises. The activities during vision therapy may involve the use of equipment, games, flipper lenses, computer-aided devices, etc.

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Focus on Optometry

Sight is one of the most precious of our five senses. It is vital to almost everything we do! That’s why your visual health is so important! That’s what IGARD is all about.

IGARD stands for Improving Eyesight and Guarding Against Reading Difficulties. They have a strong commitment in restoring and remediating the vision of children and adult who face challenges in reading. The team in Singapore attends to a wide variety of cases ranging from routine eye examination and specialized work on vision therapy, behavioural vision, low vision, neuro-optometric rehabilitation and paediatric optometry.

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New Patients

We understand that your first visit to the eye doctor can feel overwhelming and we try to accommodate all new patients with a comfortable and organized facility.

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