At IGARD and its associated practices, your optical prescription is professionally dispensed by a dedicated group of eye-care professionals to ensure that you have chosen the most appropriate ophthalmic lens type and spectacle frame to meet your specific visual and habitual requirements.

These need to be fitted expertly in order to achieve the optimal visual comfort and performance that is inherent in every pair of high quality ophthalmic lenses. They routinely prescribe and dispense the highest quality as standard. It routinely use the highest quality of Zeiss, Essilor, Seiko, Nikon, Tokai and Hoya – just to name a few.

In some cases, medical filters and complex ophthalmic dispensing may be offered to patients with issues such as low vision, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cone-rod dystrophy, strabismus, colour vision deficiency. IGARD centre is accredited by the International Institute of Colorimetry for prescribing and dispensing precision spectrum filters that are used by children and adult with diagnosed Irlen Syndrome or Visual Stress. As a children-focused optometry centre, they also carry a wide selection of options for myopia control.

The optical service at IGARD offers the highest quality Crizal anti-reflective and Transitions (and other equivalent) technology to achieve automatic glare filtering and UV protection. Discerning users may need further precision in optical dispensing, especially the latest Varifocals, Progressive Addition Lenses and traditional Bifocals. You can also find their Polycarbonate Safety Lenses complying with European, American and International Standards. They are also the provider of safety eyewear for industrial use.

Besides their standard optical dispensing, they offer bespoke optical dispensing services that caters towards individualized needs. Ophthalmic lenses can be personalized and made to measure to its highest level of dioptric precision and an unprecedented level of comfort can also be achieved with the use of wavefront technology. Ask for personalization of ophthalmic lenses here.