An eye examination for children is different from that of an adult. It has to cater to the child’s age and cognitive level. Paediatric Optometry Centre at IGARD group provides eye examination to children covering all age groups. Their centre in Singapore is best known for their work in Children Vision Development and Vision Therapy.

Most children should attend a Paediatric Eye Examination. The tests are catered towards their respective age groups and there are also tests suitable for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. For short-sighted school-aged children, they may need to get their eyes checked regularly and consider myopia control interventions.

Further tests may be needed for children who are pre-verbal or with special-needs. This includes children with learning challenges. In the first instance, please arrange an appointment for a detailed functional assessment of vision instead of a paediatric eye examination.

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Paediatric Optometry Pte Ltd (“IGARD”) is an Approved Institution under the Singapore Government’s Baby Bonus Scheme – Learn More.