Eye protection is important!

Recent research from the National University Hospital (NUH) in Singapore reported that most eye injuries are work related. The lack of awareness and compliance to safety had also been strongly attributed to the large number of ocular trauma cases seen at the hospital (Woo et al, 2006). Similar findings were also previously reported from researchers at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) (Voon et al, 2001). Both reports highlighted that the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), in particular approved safety glasses, is very important at the workplace.

Prescription safety glasses will fit into the most exact occupational requirement of an individual for its desired purpose (Yap et al, 2006). Under a recent collaboration with INFIELD (UK), IGARD in Singapore will be prescribing, dispensing and supplying a range of approved safety glasses that are fitted to a personal prescription by a dedicated group of optometrists.

Full eye screening services for eyesight and visual health are available through IGARD in Singapore. This is specifically designed to identify employees who require prescription safety glasses for work. It may be arranged either to be conducted onsite at your workplace, or at the IGARD Centre in Orchard Road.

Uncorrected vision problems can cause accidents at the workplace. IGARD is the solution for your company to get your employees adequately corrected through pre-placement & routine eye examinations. In understanding your needs, IGARD also offer a mobile onsite eye screening service.

  • Infield’s range of protective safety eyewear complies with British/European Standard & American Standard.
  • Safety features in the eyewear include adjustable side shields with a unique locking mechanism to avoid accidental misalignment.
  • All polycarbonate lenses exceed the standard safety requirements of impact testing.
  • State of the art lens glazing, surfacing and coating technology ensures that ophthalmic lenses are of the highest quality.