With plenty of soft toys and educational material, every child’s experience at IGARD would be filled with joy and excitement whilst they get their eyes tested. Children no longer need to be traumatized by eye tests that are meant for adults.

Every child who visits IGARD will attend a Paediatric Eye Examination. It will normally take longer for eye tests for children than adults. Younger children have shorter attention span and may sometimes need a follow-up or a review eye/vision assessment.

Children’s tests are specifically catered for their age groups and cognitive levels. Consultants will typically gauge the children’s comfort levels with specific techniques and adjust them as necessary. This can prove to be fun and enjoyable.

Typically, it includes an evaluation of visual acuity, objective and manifest refraction, ocular motility, eye alignment, general binocularity and overall eye health. Tests are available to school-aged children, preschoolers, toddlers and babies. All tests for children are non-invasive and does not normally involve the use of eye drops.

Also in their main centre, there is a wide selection of children eyewear to choose from.

Their expertise focuses in managing children vision problems, such as childhood myopia (or shortsightedness) and detecting visual deficits that can occur during the early stages of visual development.

Besides the paediatric eye examination, there are further tests available to children with learning challenges (e.g. dyslexia), behavioural issues, special-needs and pre-verbal patients.There are also tests for infants and children who are less cooperative. Further tests are also strongly recommended if the child experiences any one or more of the following:

1. Eyes are often tired
2. Jerky eye movements
3. Squinting, eye-rubbing or excessive blinking
4. Blurred or double vision
5. Headaches, dizziness or nausea after reading
6. Head-tilting, prefer to close or block one eye when reading
7. Words appearing to move or shake
8. Hold a book very close
9. Tilting, turning the head or poor posture
10. Skip or reverse words or use fingers while reading
11. Burning or itchy eyes
12. Poor attention span

Immediate attention should be given if the above symptoms persist and the child’s eyes will need to be checked even if these symptoms occur occasionally.


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