Q: Can amblyopia be treated in adults?
Ans: Yes. If you have tried patching without success, you can explore vision therapy. In fact, vision therapy should be the first choice because it helps to stimulate binocular vision so that you can use the two eyes together. Technologies, such as dichoptic training and perceptual training, has been used in amblyopia treatment in adults :

Q: Is it too late to treat adults with amblyopia?
Ans: “Emerging evidence suggests that mechanisms enabling plasticity in juveniles are not simply lost with age but rather that plasticity is actively constrained by the developmental up-regulation of molecular ‘brakes’. Lifting these brakes enhances plasticity in the adult visual cortex, and can be harnessed to promote recovery from amblyopia.”

Q: What do I need to do?
Ans: Schedule for a consultation and ask for a Functional Vision Assessment (IGARD Vision Therapy).

Fun facts: Do you know? IGARD is Singapore’s first and only vision therapy centre to be internationally board certified. The chief consultant, Dr Yap Tiong Peng, is Singapore’s Top 2 Experts in amblyopia treatment based on the ranking by Expertscape (2011 to 2021). He holds Triple Clinical Fellowships (FAAO, FACBO, FCOVD) and he is also ranked #5 in amblyopia and astigmatism in Sydney, Australia, during the same period.

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