Vision Therapy can be used to treat a variety of visual deficits. This may include issues in binocularity, eye focusing, and eye movement (visual tracking or oculomotor skills). The most common conditions that benefits from vision therapy are convergence insufficiency, strabismus and amblyopia.

Therapy sessions are planned based on individualized needs. It may encompass concepts of behavioural optometry and traditional orthoptic eye exercises. The activities during vision therapy may involve the use of equipment, games, flipper lenses, computer-aided devices, etc.

It is essential that patients complete a thorough evaluation at IGARD before commencing their therapy sessions. Patients will normally go through a detailed functional vision assessment.

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Another Child Attaining Academic Success through Vision Therapy: a letter from Daisy’s parents to IGARD Center in Singapore.

Photo: Senior Consultant Optometrist Yap Tiong Peng (IGARD Group Singapore)



Research supports Vision Therapy (from the 2020 Cochrane Review):

“We found high-certainty evidence that office-based vergence / accommodative therapy with home reinforcement was 3.04 times more effective than placebo therapy, 2.86 times more effective than home based pencil push-ups, and 1.96 times more effective than home-based computer vergence/accommodative therapy in achieving treatment success defined by normal and improved clinical measures of convergence.”

The full Cochrane Review can be downloaded here:
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The Scientific Basis for efficacy of Vision Therapy
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6 things you might not know about vision therapy:

  • We take nearly TWICE the amount of time to prepare for your vision therapy session than the time that you spend with us. Our consultants and therapists are constantly working to ensure that you and/or your children are on track with the treatment plan.
  • Vision Therapy Are NOT ALL the same. Treatments has to be planned carefully. We have seen many patients who came to us THINKING that they have already done vision therapy BUT actually they did not. This is because Google search might take you to webpages that gives you the wrong eye exercises.
  • Orthoptics is NOT the same as Vision Therapy. We are NOT training stronger eye muscles but reconditioning the muscles so that the BRAIN can learn how to use the EYES more efficiently.
  • International board certification ensures that you and/or your child receive the highest quality of treatment from qualified providers. Vision therapy providers at IGARD are Fellow of the Australasian College of Behavioural Optometrists (FACBO) and the Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO). The membership to the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (FCOVD).
  • Eye Exam is NOT the same as Functional Vision Evaluation. An eye examination checks your eye health and to ensure that your spectacle prescription is up-to-date; BUT the Functional Vision Evaluation examines how your visual system is working in relation to the different kinds of visual demands of daily living, such as reading, sports, etc.
  • Avoid unlicensed providers of vision therapy even if they claim to be qualified. Practitioners at IGARD are Registered and Licensed Optometrists with the Ministry of Health in Singapore. There have been several reports in Singapore where unlicensed providers offer sham treatments that could worsen the eye condition.