IGARD believes that good eyesight and visual health leads to increased productivity at work. For this reason, IGARD provides local companies and organisations an effective and affordable corporate eye-care programme. 

Your company can participate in our corporate eye-care services!

The group at IGRAD will design a screening programme that is appropriate for your organisations and employee’s specific needs and concerns.

  • It is for every one of all ages
  • It is for both spectacles and non-spectacles wearers
  • It doesn’t matter if you wear contact lenses or have gone for LASIK
  • It doesn’t matter if you have poor vision – the aim is to get it checked!
  • It doesn’t matter if you have perfect vision – problems can occur even if you can see clearly

IGARD can organise optical and visual health fairs at your workplace to promote workplace eye-care. This increases the awareness of common eyesight problems and visual health issues.

Eye-care forums can also be organised. 

See how our eyesight and visual health programme can complement and add value to the current healthcare programmes in your company / organisation.

As a bonus, your company / organisation will receive a company visual health profile / summary report for the eye-care programme and your employees can enjoy special corporate rates for optical products.