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Dr Yap Tiong Peng (IGARD Singapore) Has Recently Received the Fellowship Medal in Ohio, USA

April 2022: Dr Yap Tiong Peng (IGARD Singapore) has recently received the Fellowship medal in Ohio, USA — a global recognition of his commitment and achievement in providing the highest standards and level of care to patients. IGARD (Singapore) provides non-surgical treatments for a wide range of vision issues, including the treatment of amblyopia, strabismus and binocular vision anomalies. With advanced training in the US, UK and Australia, Dr Yap is the first person in Singapore to receive US and International Board Certification in Vision Therapy, Visual Neurodevelopment and Neuro Visual Rehabilitation; and the first person in Singapore to receive full accreditation in Behavioural Optometry. Consistently rated as Singapore’s Top 5 Expert, the most recent Expertscape (2012 to 2022) ranked Dr Yap with #2 for amblyopia and #4 for astigmatism. He is also adept in working in areas of low vision, brain injuries and children with learning challenges and special needs.

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