Diabetic Eye-Care


Diabetes can affect your Eyes

A major cause of blindness in economically active adults worldwide

One in 5 diabetics develops diabetic retinopathy in Singapore.

Diabetics of five years or more are likely to develop diabetic retinopathy.

Poorly controlled diabetes can lead to serious problems in the eye.

With a high risk in developing bleeding inside the eye (retinopathy) and retinal detachment, diabetic patients can become blind or visually impaired. Therefore, we recommend Retinal Health Screening yearly even if your vision is good.

Retinal Health problems need not only occur in people with diabetes. It can occur in apparently healthy individuals too and Retinal Health Screening is included within our routine standard eye examination for everyone. 

This is recommended once every two years for most healthy individuals as other incidental conditions can also be detected from this screening.

Prevention or early intervention is better than cure.

Diabetes happen if your body can either not make insulin or it can’t metabolise it properly.

That results in the building up of blood sugar or glucose and can cause damage to any blood vessels in your body, but it will be particularly nasty if it happens inside the eyes.

Blindness can result if the condition is not treated at an early stage.

Diabetic retinopathy can be effectively treated at an early stage.

Therefore, all diabetic patients should attend a retinal health screening even if their vision is good.